Why rehearsing is important in video product creation

Even if you’re only planning to create a 30-second video clip to post on YouTube, never underestimate the power of rehearsal. Rehearsing gets the actors relaxed enough to be themselves, or to take on the specific personalities called for in the script. If you plan to be the host or demonstrator of your own motivational or do-it-yourself video, rehearsing will let you become comfortable in front of the camera. If you have decided to create a how-to video, the hardest task is learning how to be yourself in front of a camera. Rehearsing is the best way to get over your nervousness and connect to your audience effectively.

Rehearse in different ways to find out which style of delivery works best for your project. Talk as you move and stand on the set, sit and talk, talk as you show how to do something, and talk in a voice over as your actors demonstrate how something is done. And remember: Whatever type of video product you decide to create, it’s important to make sure you have good lighting and plenty of space. Rehearse in different types of lighting to see what works best, and move around the set to make sure you have enough space.

When hosts stand or move on the set as they talk to an audience, they can transmit great energy and power to viewers. A host will sit and talk to create a laid-back atmosphere that encourages the audience to relax and feel at home. Just think about the most popular programs on television. What is the difference between a great host and an average host?

All great hosts stand as they deliver an opening monologue to an audience. They know how to use their hands, and they know how to keep their bodies poised to communicate exactly what they want their audience to remember. The best way to create great-selling video products is to study popular hosts and powerful speakers. Learn from them, imitate their techniques, and practice in front of a camera.

Ask your friends to give you their honest feedback. Were you convincing in the video? Did you connect to your audience? Did they stay focused on what you were saying? The most important question to ask your “focus group” of friends and family members is: What message did they get from your video? What do they think you’re trying to say? What are viewers motivated to do after seeing your video? Answers to these questions are the best measure of the effectiveness of your video product.

Most of us are in for a shock the first time we carry out this experiment. We think we have covered a topic completely, only to find that our audience cannot say with certainty what that topic is. Leave your pride out of it and you’ll be on your way to learning how to create great video products. Listen to your customers and potential customers. Listen to their feedback. Ask for suggestions about how to be a more effective host or speaker. Practice, practice, and keep on practicing.