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Some of the most important investments you’ll ever make are heating and air-conditioning systems for your home. There is a lot riding on the choice you make in a HVAC system, whether you’re having a brand-new home built, or you’re doing home improvement projest in the home you currently live in, and it’s better to make that choice sooner rather than later and have to respond to an emergency if your heater or air conditioner breaks down at the worst time.

Investing in the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that you can reasonably afford to purchase, could reduce the amount you spend on your utility bills which is typically on average about $.46 of every dollar.

The EnergyGuide label on home heating and cooling equipment is intended to help you do just that. These labels provide a “snapshot” of the more in-depth energy efficiency and usage information that manufacturers are required to provide with their products — generally through a fact sheet or industry association directory.

Why should I care about energy efficiency?

Operating cost, ac service and repair, and the purchase price, are three components that your appliance has that equals its absolute total cost. To lower your utility bills means lowering the cost to run your air-conditioning or heating unit will depend on how energy-efficient it is. Natural resources conservation and a reduction in air pollution is also achieved when it takes less energy to run your system.

Is there really that much of a difference among the various models on the market?

All products must meet minimum energy efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy. But many products beat the standard, use even less energy and cost less to run.

Less obvious features like the difference in the motors, compressors, thousand and pumps which are located on the inside of the unit can make a big difference in your monthly heating or cooling costs and that is what makes one unit more efficient than another one. Fact sheets provided by the manufacturers and energy guide labels show test performed by independent laboratories to improve the efficiency of these products using standards developed by the Department of Energy is a way to remove sales hype so you can be sure of the energy-efficient claims of the heating or air conditioning systems you may be thinking about purchasing.

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